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Windows are essential in flooding your home with natural light, yet they are also a perfect opportunity for criminals to see into your home and provide them with a possible place of entry.

A high number of home burglaries occur due to homeowners forgetting to close, or lock, their windows. Criminals are less likely to smash a pane of glass to gain access due to the noise it makes, so visible security locks are a great deterrent, but here are some other top tips to keep your home secure:

1) Ensure all of your windows, particularly those downstairs and in easily accessible locations, feature a clear security lock that requires a key.

2) Burglars only require a gap big enough to fit a human head through, so don’t forget to protect those small bathroom windows and skylights too.

3) Once you have locked your windows, take the key out of the lock and store them in a safe place that is out of sight from someone peering through the glass.

4) Choosing the right glazing can be a strong deterrent, with double panes and laminated glass offering high protection.

5) Louver windows are a high-risk choice, as criminals can remove the frame slats with relative ease. To protect your home, you should glue the slats in place or use a special louver lock.

6) If you are particularly worried about your home’s security, then you can look to add additional security locks on the inside, or add mesh grilles to the outside in high-risk areas.

If you are looking to protect your home, or replace your current windows, then get in touch with our friendly and experienced team. We specialize in high-quality windows and doors that not only look great, but ensure your home is as energy-efficient and secure as possible.

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