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Replacing broken glass in a window is an uncomplicated job. It is not necessary to have an express knowledge of glassware or carpentry. In any case, the installation process varies depending on the window model according to the sealing system.

How to remove the broken glass

To remove broken glass, first, protect your hands with gloves to remove the remains of it. Next, the interior of the window frame is cleaned to eliminate any possible splinters.

If the window model is old, made of wood, the tips holding the glass to the fixing strips should be extracted with pliers. When the window is made of aluminum or PVC, the detachable beams that hold the glass must be removed. To do this, remove the screws that hold them with a screwdriver and, once the glass is removed, clean the recess where the glass is placed.

If the glass was fixed with silicone or another sealant, the remains of it are eliminated with a spatula or a product indicated for this work. Afterward, the seat is sanded, if the window is made of wood, or it is cleaned with a damp cloth if it is made of aluminum or PVC.

Finally, the exact measurement of the hole left by the glass is taken and a new one is acquired. Another option is to cut the glass. To do this, place the piece on a flat surface, hold a rule against it and slide a glass cutter on the surface. In order for the cut to be clean and in uniform, perform slight pressure and a continuous movement.

Placing the new piece of glass

With the window clear of any remaining glass, the new glass is placed in the same frame. Next, if the window is made of wood, a transparent silicone bead is spread all over the edge and a finger moistened with water is passed over it to make it seal better. Then, the wooden slats are placed along with the glass and fixed with tips.

In aluminum or PVC windows, simply insert the new glass into the rails and re-fit and screw the bead. If between this piece and the glass there were some rubber bands, they are placed in their original place, being careful to adjust them well. To do this, you begin to place it by the corner. The pressure is done with the fingers along with the entire piece until it is well sealed.

Helpful Advice

Window companies do this work all the time and they can usually finish their job in a day or two. Because the window replacement business is competitive enough, you can possibly find a low-price offer or bargain an existing price. If you intend to install your own replacement windows, we suggest you to watch some videos in advance to know what you’re getting into.

If you need a large replacement and realize that the work is too much for you, a local contractor, a builder, or even a motivated and experienced maintenance staff can complete the job for you.

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