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Are you finding your windows are looking grubby? Maybe your little one has left smudged finger marks all over the window panes? Whatever the cause, clean windows can help brighten up any home so follow our top tips and keep yours sparkling!

  1. Hire a professional

A professional window cleaner is the easiest way to ensure that the outside of your windows are fully clean. Not only does it mean you can save time climbing a ladder and scrubbing each window yourself, but a professional window cleaner will have the skills and tools needed to ensure the entire panes of glass and all window sills are completely clean.

  1. Keep it regular

Like any type of cleaning, keeping a regular schedule means you won’t be facing months of built in dirt. We recommend keeping the inside of your windows clean by doing it twice a month.

  1. Warm water

When it comes to cleaning the inside of your windows (assuming you have a professional focusing on the outside) use a bucket of warm water, detergent and window cleaning mop and form small circular motions around the window panes.

  1. Dry it off properly

Trying to avoid those streaky marks on the window? Use a rubber tipped squeegee to fully dry each and every window pane to leave a clear and perfect finish. If after you have dried the window you can still see some marks, try using a dry microfiber cloth on that one area or repeat with your wet mop. If any water has dripped onto your window sill, use paper towels to soak up the water and then spray and wipe with some standard furniture polish and a cloth to bring them up to a glorious shine!

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