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With the colder weather arriving this winter, it is important to make sure your home or apartment is as fully insulated as possible. It might seem like a difficult task but to get your property ready for winter is actually a lot easier than you might think.

If your heating bills are beginning to climb, then chances are your windows are letting heat out through the frame, seams and the actual glazing yourself. Here are some top tips on getting your windows winter ready:

  • Double Glazing

Whilst adding another layer of glazing is an expensive solution it is definitely a more long term solution and will end up working out more cost effective in the long run. Capable of being fitted to any property, it does not affect the styling or shape of your windows and can fit in seamlessly.

  • Curtains

There is no need to opt for high tech solutions or even expensive ones. Curtains have been around for centuries for a reason and are a fantastic way to reduce the heat loss through your windows and frame. They do block out a little more sunlight than other methods though which is important to remember.

  • Shades and blinds

Although not quite as effective as curtains, they do still provide some protection against heat escaping through your windows. The benefit they do have is they let a little more light through; helping to brighten up your room.

  • Insulation strips

These self-adhesive strips of foam are fantastic at stopping the cold breeze from entering your house in the various gaps around windows and door frames. These are particularly useful in older properties.

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