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Everybody and everything has a way of telling you how they feel. Of course, humans can speak and animals can make noises in their own ways to convey their feelings to you. However, the same can’t be said about plants and other things. A plant is a living thing and if it’s not given water, its feelings are conveyed to you when it fades and gets dull. Though, not living beings, your windows and doors also have a way of letting you know when they fade away and need to be replaced.

Look out for the following signs to find out if it’s about time you replace your windows or not:
– Saggy window frames:
If your window frames feel damp or chipped, it’s time to replace them. Dampness in your window frames means that they have absorbed as much rain water as they possibly can and now they can’t handle any more of it. They could start chipping because of this reason or because they have rotted out. Either way, it’s time for you to change your windows.
– Too much noise:
If you hear too much noise coming from outside, it could mean that your windows are not sealed properly. Another reason could be the low quality of windows installed in your home. Your windows take serious beating through harsh weather conditions, and if their quality is low, they wear out pretty soon. To avoid such pain, it is best to install Double-pane glass windows in your house. For an extra layer of noise protection, it would be best to insulate your windows with Krypton gas or Argon.
– Can’t Open, Close, Lock, etc.
If you are facing issues opening, closing or locking your windows, it could be because either:

  • They are rotten
  • They are not installed properly
    If your windows are not installed properly, they might lose their balance over time. This makes them extremely difficult to open or shut and even lock.
    Breeze through:
    Do you often feel air passing through your windows even when they are closed? If so, this could be as a result of a broken seal or poor installation. Poor installation means that your windows are not properly sealed, thus allowing air to pass through them. Similarly, a broken seal would allow passage for the air to pass through.
    Due to this passage of air, your room temperature won’t remain at a constant level. This will make your HVAC system work more, resulting in loss of energy and rise in your electricity bill.

When we are on a budget, we often try and save money by buying things that are less costly. Such things come back to haunt us later on. A less pricey thing is of low quality most of the time and when it wears off, we are forced to pay a fair amount of replacement cost that we could have easily saved by buying a good quality product in the first place.

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