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In this article, we will explain step by step how to install a blind in a window. You only need a few minutes, some common tools in any home and some blinds.

Tools needed to install some blinds

The first thing you should do is make sure you have all the necessary tools. They are not many or challenging to obtain, but it is convenient to have them at hand. To install a blind, you need a tape measure, a leveler with bubble, a drill with your drill bit and a small screwdriver.

If you had a ladder to get better to the top of the window, it would be ideal, but you can always climb to the top of a chair or another object that allows you to work better from above. Besides, you need the most important thing, which is the support of the blinds.

#1 Measure the window and the blinds

To start with, you can take measurements, both from the window and from the blind itself. It is necessary to know the length and width dimensions to be able to center the blind in the window, and, in the specific case of the blinds, it is also necessary to measure the distance from the middle of the guide that supports the fabric to the lower edge of the window.

In the case of the window, bear in mind that you are going to place the bracket of the blinds in the false ceiling. Why? Because in this way, you avoid any possible obstacle that may be encountered.

#2 Mark the fixing points of the blinds

When you have taken the corresponding measurements, you must mark with a pen the fixing points of each blinds holder as a reference. The pen will allow you to have an explicit marks for later drilling and will indicate a clear point from which to start working. You can also do it without messing the wall.

#3 Check the levelling of the blinds

It is essential that the blinds are level, since you may not have taken the exact height at both ends. Keep in mind that a single centimeter of difference could ruin (aesthetically speaking) all your work, so you have to minimize risks to get the best possible result. So it is recommended to check this balance before continuing with the placement of the blind, for this you can lean on the support itself before installing it on the wall and put on a bubble leveler to be sure that the balance is total.

#4 Make the holes for the blinds

Then, you have to drill some holes in the wall with a drill. As a tip, you can place an adhesive tab right on the drill itself to prevent the resulting dust from falling to the floor and dirtying the home.

Besides, it is recommended to use a particular drill bit for hard areas since these holes will be made, as we have already said, in the false ceiling. The next step for placing the blinds consists in inserting the corresponding plugs in said holes that we have drilled and screwing the plates, which will be the hook to be able to place the blind immediately afterward.

#5 Place the blinds on the supports

Next, you have to fit the screens. Some are in one piece, while others are divided into several separate ones; On the one hand, they have the roller and on the other the bar. In any case, either once or in three, you must place the blind guide on the plates that you have previously adopted on the wall. Before proceeding, it is essential to make sure that this support is appropriately secured to prevent the blinds from falling later. Press lightly to check that it does not move and that it is fully fixed.

#6 Check that the blinds work correctly

Check that the adjustable cuff of the blinds works perfectly, pull it to raise and lower the blinds. If the roller blind fulfills that purpose without getting stuck, you will be able to enjoy your shade. It’s that simple!

Therefore, you have already verified that you only need a few minutes to place a blind. It is a straightforward process. Having a shade in your home will give you that extra privacy you are looking for outside, a much more beautiful or elegant decoration after choosing the appropriate design for the blind itself and the ability to gradually regulate the intensity of sunlight entering through the window.

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