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Reasons you need a new front door

Regardless of whether you have lived in your property for decades or you are just about to move into your new dream home, installing a new front door can transform the appearance of any property. This simple and often inexpensive upgrade is often overlooked but should be a key focus for any homeowner looking to update their home. Not sure…

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Knowing when to change your windows

Unless a pane of glass has been broken, most homeowners will likely not think about replacing their windows often. However if yours have been in place for a number of years, particularly if you live in an old building, then chances are they are not working as effectively as they could be and you could actually save money in the…

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Double or Triple, what’s the solution?

Expert Advice, Installation Tips, Window Types

If you’re looking to replace the windows in your property then there is a lot to consider. From the materials used to the style of each window, the choices sometimes appear endless… then of course there is the choice between single, double or triple paned windows. Double or triple paned windows feature two or three sheets of glass separated by…

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Knowing Where To Place Windows In Your Home

Expert Advice, Installation Tips

Windows are seen in every building; this proofs that their presence is very important. While these windows are usually placed in different positions on the walls that house them, it would be erroneous to think that they are just placed indiscriminately and no thought goes into the choice of a proper location to place these windows. Whether you are having…

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