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The choice of the window frame type is the first and most important issue faced by our customers. In this article, we will try to answer in detail which windows are better – aluminum or plastic. We will examine the features of each type and conduct a comparative analysis.

To understand which window is better, here is the characteristic of each one of them:

Plastic window frame (PVC Frame)

Modern plastic windows are made of universal material – PVC. Over the years, the use of plastic windows showed their best side. They have an affordable price, allow the installation of multi-chamber systems, provide good sound insulation, as well as protection from heat loss in the winter.

This is a good classic solution for decorating an apartment. Other characteristics are:

  • Plastic windows are universal. They are suitable for residential and commercial use.
  • Quality plastic windows will last more than 30 years.
  • Most of the windows presented in the sale are distinguished by the standard form, non-standard forms can be made
  • Medium price windows

Aluminum window Frame

Along with plastic constructions, aluminum profiles can be either single-chamber or two-chamber. Often the question of which windows are best to put – plastic or aluminum, comes up against a small amount of information from the end user. Many people think that aluminum is sharpened exclusively for a cold profile. However, there are warm aluminum profiles with thermal breaks.

Thus, the windows have a good level of protection against heat loss, designed to last a really long time and remain bright and unusual. Other characteristics are:

  • The main area of ​​application is glazing of balconies and loggias in old houses, since the profile is distinguished by its low weight.
  • Aluminum profile will last more than 40 years
  • Most of the windows are also rectangular, but there are alternative profile options. In contrast to plastic systems, aluminum structures are represented by hinged and sliding doors – the latter are much more convenient in confined spaces.
  • Cold glazing systems are much cheaper; warm profiles, on the contrary, are more expensive than plastic ones.

Which One is Better?

In order to understand the difference between plastic windows and aluminum windows, we will give a series of final tips for everyone who selects the type of glazing for their home:

  • If there is a task to glaze a balcony or loggia and you do not plan to make an additional room out of this area or combine it with an adjoining room, it is better to choose an aluminum profile – it will be much cheaper.
  • With equal thermal characteristics, plastic windows will cost less than aluminum windows.
  • Glazing of dilapidated buildings imposes strict requirements on the weight of the structure. Therefore, the only possible option for glazing a balcony or loggia is an aluminum profile.

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