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Insulate your windows for winter


With the colder weather arriving this winter, it is important to make sure your home or apartment is as fully insulated as possible. It might seem like a difficult task but to get your property ready for winter is actually a lot easier than you might think. If your heating bills are beginning to climb, then chances are your windows…

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How to Replace Broken Glass in a Window

broken glass window
Installation Tips

Replacing broken glass in a window is an uncomplicated job. It is not necessary to have an express knowledge of glassware or carpentry. In any case, the installation process varies depending on the window model according to the sealing system. How to remove the broken glass To remove broken glass, first, protect your hands with gloves to remove the remains…

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How to Make Window Slides Smoother

Expert Advice

If you have older double-hung wooden windows that move up and down, or sliders that open moving to the left and to the right, sooner or later you are likely to have problems with the windows that stick and refuse to open and close without problems. There are many reasons for this, and some of them are quite serious. For…

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