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Sometimes, there is an obvious reason a homeowner may choose to replace their windows, such as windows in an older home that no longer operate properly or simply are too damaged to repair and maintain. Other times, there may be far less obvious, but equally viable, reasons you should invest in this home upgrade. Here are 5 great reasons you might be ready to replace your windows:

1) Energy Efficiency:

Many older homes have single pane glass windows, which may no longer seal properly, causing the occupant to feel a cold draft near the window, or even cause the window to freeze open or shut. Modern energy efficient windows are built for better insulation, with features such as heat reflecting low-E coatings and argon gas between the panes. This can have a big impact on your electric bill – an estimated 10% to 25% each year. And not only will your wallet find some relief, but your home will be more comfortable year round with better ability to heat or cool your interior spaces.

2) Added Value To Your Home:

New windows are a direct increase to your home’s curb appeal. If you are considering selling your home anytime in the future, it’s worth considering a window upgrade. Old, improperly functioning, drafty, or simply ugly windows are an unattractive consideration for a prospective home buyer. Even if you don’t plan to sell, increasing your home’s curb appeal will also make you feel good! If that’s not enough yet, consider that newer aluminum-clad or vinyl-clad windows windows would eliminate the need to invest time, effort, and money into painting those old windows as well.

3) Upgraded Security:

If your windows are difficult to open, get stuck in the open or closed position, or otherwise can’t operate appropriately, they could be a serious risk to your safety, especially in the event of a fire. Loose windows that slam shut without warning are at risk of shattering and pose a safety issue as well. Consider investing in new tempered-glass windows instead. New windows can also aid in easing fears of break-ins and intruders.

4) Noise Reduction:

No one enjoys having intrusive sound inside their home. Busy streets with constant traffic, an airport, railroad, or gun range, neighbors who play music or have active children, or plenty of other situations may be interfering in your quiet enjoyment of your space. Dual pane or laminated glass windows can provide a barrier to the outside noise transmission into your home. Additionally, the added protection will help to maintain your own privacy within your home.

5) Other Factors:

New windows could solve a number of other peoblems you may not even know you have! New double-hung windows feature tilt-in sash designs, allowing for the exterior glass to be cleaned from inside, by tilting the sash inward for easy access. Up to 95% of the sun’s UV rays can be blocked by new windows, which will protect your furniture, carpet, window treatments, and artwork from fading due to UV exposure. A dark room can be instantly transformed with a window that allows more light through. There are also options for glare-free or tinted windows, if your space has too much light or lack of privacy.

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